Twitter Trends Germany | Top Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topics Today

This updated list of Top Twitter trending hashtags right now, Trends were last updated 30 minutes ago.
Trending No. Hash Tag Tweets
1 #QueenElizabeth 1.8M
2 Queen 2.2M
3 #cdupt22 Under 10k
4 Monarchie 21.5K
5 #GesetzderSchande 19.1K
6 #TwitternWieHabeck Under 10k
7 Rest In Peace 636.9K
8 Thelen Under 10k
9 #Infektionsschutzgesetz 15.1K
10 Wagenknecht 13.5K
11 start ins wochenende Under 10k
12 Kolonialismus Under 10k
13 Soziale Unruhen Under 10k
14 Briten Under 10k
15 Inflation 116.2K
16 Geldmenge Under 10k
17 Insolvenz Under 10k
18 Herrmann Under 10k
19 Allahu Akbar Under 10k
20 London Bridge 598.1K
21 England 584.1K
22 Commonwealth 289.7K
23 Schönen Freitag Under 10k
24 Staatsoberhaupt Under 10k
25 Her Majesty 0.9M
26 Konstante Under 10k
27 Kolonien Under 10k
28 Bischöfe Under 10k
29 Thron Under 10k
30 Lizzy 104.9K
31 Lizzie 157.6K
32 Bundestag 30.6K
33 Royal Family 651.1K
34 Camilla 160.9K
35 Diana 1.2M
36 Royals 97.2K
37 Herr Merz Under 10k
38 Splatoon 3 92.6K
39 Balmoral 1M
40 Ruhe in Frieden Under 10k
41 William 261.2K
42 The Crown 506.8K
43 Bundesrat Under 10k
44 wirtschaftsminister Under 10k
45 Trauer Under 10k
46 Sirenen Under 10k
47 Parteitag Under 10k
48 Regentschaft Under 10k
49 Dienstreisen Under 10k
50 iPhone 560.7K

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What is Twitter Trending #HashTags?

A Twitter #hashtag is a keyword used to describe a topic, immediately preceded by a pound sign (#). The Twitter hashtag originated in 2007, but nowadays the hashtag is used on other social media platforms, notably Twitter, Instagram, as well as on TV and video campaigns. Hashtags can help you find topics of interest.

To create a Twitter Trending HashTags , type a hash sign (#) before a word or phrase, and don't use spaces or punctuation . So, #Twitter and #twittertrendstoday are the hashtag versions of these phrases.